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Have you been searching far and wide for the best abogados in Marbella? It can be difficult to find one you can trust, especially in a country that is not native to you. Well, here at Manzanares Lawyers, we can assure you that you don’t have to look any further. Our law firm in Marbella specialises in protecting the interests of both Spanish and international clients – reaching out to anyone who needs expert legal advice.

With a team of lawyers in Marbella as well as an office based in Alhaurin el Grande, we offer an extensive range of legal services to be of assistance to our clients. Our team are qualified in various fields of law in Spain, with our particular area of expertise being in the field of real estate law. If you are looking for a lawyer in Marbella that has a deep-rooted understanding of how to apply legislation wherever in the country it may apply, then you have found the right place at Manzanares Lawyers.

Tell us your needs, we speak your language. We understand that communication is key to a successful service, which is why this attribute is key to our success, with our multilingual team of highly skilled Spanish lawyers are focused on providing you with first-class customer service – whatever language you speak!

Our Marbella lawyers can speak the following languages:

English, German, Russian, Swedish, French, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Chinese, Norwegian.

We are abogados in Marbella who pride ourselves on combining expertise and professionalism with a friendly, personal touch – keeping you fully informed on every step of your legal journey with us.

Think you could benefit from the help of our lawyers in Marbella? We would love to hear from you. Contact us now to arrange your first appointment with one of our friendly and professional lawyers in Marbella and we can get started as soon as possible.

At Manzanares Lawyers, our aim is to provide our clients with the best possible outcome for their circumstances, which is why we provide a comprehensive service that covers a wide range of legal matters. We make sure to only hire the most skilled and highly qualified lawyers in Marbella, who are more than capable of resolving your legal enquiries.

Whether this is in the field of property law when looking to purchase or sell a property in Spain, or if you need to know more about Spanish immigration laws, our professional and sensible legal advice is designed to put you in the best position. Our team of lawyers in Marbella can assist with legal matters in the area of financing in addition to real estate and immigration.

If you’d like to find out more about the extensive list of fields we specialise in, then be sure to visit the dedicated pages on our website. Here, you can find out exactly how we can help you with the legal concerns you require assistance with. Be sure to get in touch today, and we will gladly discuss your enquiries with you and begin our friendly professional relationship right away.
We understand that Spain has become such a popular destination that we can no longer only cater for native Spanish speakers. If you’re hoping to move to our wonderful country from anywhere else around the world, it’s unlikely that you’ll be fluent enough in the Spanish language to properly understand the intricacies of Spanish law.

This is why Manzanares Lawyers has built a multilingual team of lawyers in Marbella, who can speak multiple languages between them. This means that even if you aren’t a fluent speaker of Spanish, you can still receive the help you deserve with Spanish law from our first-class team.

In addition to English-speaking lawyers in Spain, some of the languages spoken by our international team of lawyers in Marbella include Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, and Chinese. So, if your native language is among these and you need help with any of the legal matters that we cover in Spain, please contact Manzanares Lawyers today to discuss your legal enquiries with us.
The friendly team of experts at Manzanares Lawyers are committed to providing clients with all of the legal assistance they need. Simply get in touch and explain your situation to us, and we can suggest the best course of action straight away. Depending on your circumstances, this will likely require further proceedings, where we will apply all of our experience in that particular field of law to assist you every step of the way.

With expertise gained from many years of working in specialist areas of Spanish law, our lawyers in Marbella can help you to reach the outcome that you’re looking for in an efficient manner while complying with all regional and national regulations. We try to keep delays to an absolute minimum and avoid unnecessary hold-ups, so you can be sure that your legal affairs will be resolved as quickly as possible when you contact Manzanares Lawyers.

Not only do we provide the most sensible legal advice for your individual circumstances, but we also pride ourselves on communicating expert guidance in the most accessible and considerate way. In cases such as family immigration or property inheritance, Manzanares Lawyers understands that these matters can often be sensitive and stressful for those involved. Our lawyers in Marbella will always do what we can to make you feel comfortable and safe with our team.
Our lawyers in Marbella can assist with a range of legal property transactions, from construction to conveyancing, and from purchasing real estate to negotiating a mortgage. If you are not a Spanish native, the property buying process and housing regulations in Spain are most likely different to those in your home country, which can lead to some confusion.

This is where our lawyers in Marbella come in, as our specialist expertise allows us to take care of all the associated legalities of constructing or purchasing a property in Spain. We understand that buying property in Spain is a significant investment, so we are here to help you understand every single step of the process and make the experience as smooth as possible for you.

Whether you’re interested in obtaining a Spanish Golden Visa through property investment or simply need to set up powers of attorney to oversee your legal responsibilities while you’re out of the country, Manzanares Lawyers can help. Contact us with your property law enquiry and we will be happy to discuss the appropriate course of action.
Much like purchasing real estate, the tax system in Spain may be different to what you’re used to if you aren’t a Spanish native. If you’re in need of tax advice in Spain, our lawyers in Marbella can assist you with Spanish taxes in the Andalucía region. We’re able to help with Spanish tax rates and payment plans to ensure you pay the correct taxes in Spain.

Manzanares Lawyers also specialises in non-resident tax in Spain, providing an excellent solution to the problem of owing tax in Spain while not actually residing in the country full-time. Though we most commonly deal with property tax in Spain, our team of lawyers in Marbella can resolve a wide range of tax concerns for both residents and non-residents.

Our tax advisory services include but are not limited to IBI (property) tax, income tax, non-resident imputed income tax, wealth tax, capital gains tax, and inheritance tax in Andalucía. If you struggle to submit tax declarations on time and are worried about tax debt or fines, Manzanares Lawyers can ease this burden and organise tax assessments and payments for you when you hire us as your tax representatives in Spain.
Inheritance laws in Spain are somewhat different to other countries such as the UK. Whereas you might expect the property of the deceased to transfer ownership to their spouse, this is not the case in Spain. When there is no legal will in place for a person who passes away while living in Spain, the majority of their possessions will go to their children, or up to half will go to the individual’s parents if they have no children.

If you have any assets in Spain and want to control their distribution in the event of your death, it’s important to write and notarise a Spanish will. This makes probate much easier for your family, as it can otherwise make an already difficult time much worse, with the language barrier often causing confusion over local inheritance laws.

We understand that thinking about what your family will do when you’re gone isn’t pleasant, and nor is claiming your loved one’s assets after they pass away. However, our lawyers in Marbella will approach such matters with the greatest sensitivity in line with your wishes while upholding the inheritance laws in Spain.


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